Digital Display MPS.AK.04

Digital Display MPS.AK.04
Technicial Specifications
ConnectionDIN 43650A
Login​4...20mA,2 Wire
DisplayGraphic LCD
Output4...20mA or  2 PNP Relay
Body​ABS Plastic
Loop Feed Display
2 Wire All Transmitters
36 Different Unit Options
Zero-Span Setting with Keypad is Possible

Mesens, MPS.AK.04 Loop Feed Indicator can be applied to all transmitters with 2-wire 4 ... 20mA output and electrical connection in the form of DIN 43650A socket. Pressure, temperature, flow, level, gas, analysis units can be selected with 36 different units. With the keypad you can identify the minimum and maximum values of the sensor. You can also receive 2 PNP outputs. You can see what you read on the screen, also in%.

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