Immersed Immersion Flowmeter-M9

Immersed Immersion Flowmeter-M9
Technical Specifications
Measuring Range-Liquid 0,15...8 m/sec.
Connection Size1 1/4"
Wet PartsCPVC,PVDF,Rice or AISI316
Pressure10 bar max. 25 bar (opt)
Accuracy<±0,75% T.S.
Supply12...24 VDC
Output4-20 mA,pulse ve 2 relay
Pipe Diameters Applied DN15...DN600
DisplayOn LCD Rate and Total
ApplicationWater and Chemical Liquids
Durable And Lightweight Design
High Sensitivity 
Long Lasting
Resistant to Chemical Fluids 
Wide Measuring Ability 
Large LCD Screen

F3 series Plunging Type Flowmeters, DN15...They are designed for dn1200 pipes, easy to install, without pressure loss, but their prices are very affordable. It can be used easily in hermetic fluids. Our product with pulse output can be produced as 4-20 mA or 0-10V DC analogue output optionally. Our standard cpvc body can also be produced as PVDF, brass, AISI316 according to the process. Water, wastewater, pool, osmos systems can be used easily in chemical applications.

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