U Series Mass Flow Meter FCKD

U Series Mass Flow Meter FCKD
Technicial Specifications
Measurement Range-Liquid​ 0-1...0-500 t/h
Measuring Range-Gas​0-0,2...0-500 t/h
Connection SizeDN10...DN250
Wet Parts​ AISI316
Temperature-40...200°C, ops. +400°C
Pressure40 Bar max. , ops. 300 Bar
Accuracy <±0,1 % or <±0,2 %
Protection​IP65, IP67, ops.Exproof
Supply24 VDC
Output120 °C max.
Displayops. LCD
ApplicationHeaviness Changing Gas and Liquids
Wide Measurement Capability
Ideal for Liquid or Gas Measurement
Same And Flow, Density and Temperature Measurement
Optional Heat Jacket Option

Bass Instruments, U Series Mass Flowmeter FCKD is a precision measurement product that measures the mass, density, and temperature of a fluid without affecting the density in liquid or gas phase fluids. 0-0,2 ... 0-500 t / h or 0-1 ... 0-500 t / h measurement range. Standard 4-20mA, Pulse output is available. AISI 316 is produced as a wet standard. You can see the instantaneous flow and the total flow value with the numerical display on it. The Coriolis Mass Flow Sensitivity is 0.2%, and the power supply of our product is 24 VDC. Process connection DN10 ... DN250 working pressure up to 40 bar. Ex-proof options are available for explosion-prone environments.


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