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Insertion Type Thermal Mass Flowmeter CTMD

Technical Specifications
Measuring Range0-90/120/150 Nm/sec.
DisplayLCD, (Opt; Instant and Total)
Output4...20 mA and Pulse
Accuracy<±1,5 %
Supply24 VDC (Opt; 230 VAC)
Pressure16 Bar max. (Opt; 35 Bar)
Temperature Range-40...+150 °C
ServiceDry Gases
Measuring Ability100:1
Electronic ConnectionRS485 or HART
Wet Parts AISI316SS
Easy Mounting With Immersion Technology
Mass Measurement Capability
High Measurement Capability
Custom Calibration For Different Gases

Bass Instruments, CTMD series Thermal Mass Flowmeters, you can get healthy measurements by easily mounting even large diameter pipes. For connection, it is sufficient to drill a hole in the pipe and immerse the sensor part in it. The measurement capability of our product, which can measure with 1.5% accuracy in the reading value, is 100:1. Our device has RS485 or HART communication protocol and 4...20 mA and Pulse outputs are available. The measuring range of our product, whose wet parts are made of AISI316 SS stainless material, is 0...150 Nm/sec. It has an instant and total indicators on it. It can withstand up to 40 Bar pressure.

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