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Bass Instruments Co. was established by Fatih YILMAZ in 2006, in order to sell instruments that measure and control flow, pressure, level, temperature etc. parameters of fluids. In the early years, our company, operating as an unlimited company, then assumed the title of Bass Instruments Limited Co. The BASS letters respectively symbolize our title as Basınç (Pressure), Akış (Flow), Seviye (Level), Sıcaklık (Temperature) in Turkish.

Since 2007, our company which only served represented and imported products to the customers in the first years, meanwhile has started to become as manufacturer in numerous fields. Bass Instruments Ltd. Co. is the company which has produced Compact Orifice Flow Sensor(FOFT), Average Pitot Flow Sensor (FOPT), Paddlewheel Flow Sensor (FMPV) and Oval Gear Flow Sensor first time in Turkey. These specified products are just a few examples and there are many new products that still R&D works ongoing.

Bass Instruments and Mesens are registered trademarks of Bass Instruments Limited Co. Beside this, we represent many leader firms of their own countries in Turkey.

Our company, which conducts its activities within the framework of ISO9001: 2008 quality management standards, makes measurement calculations, product developments under ISO and CE standards.

Our products are being used currently in Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Germany, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Egypt, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Syria, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Nigeria, Portugal etc.

Since the day it was founded, our company, which wants to create awareness in the sector that we are in service, has been an inspiration for many Turkish companies about measuring instruments and plays a leading role in order to take better places worldwide for this sector.

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