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Accelabar Flow Sensor

Accelabar Flow Sensor
Technical Specifications
Measuring RangeAccording to Process Conditions
DisplayOpt. 5-way LCD Display
Output4...20 mA + HART
Accuracy <±0,5 %
Supply12...45 VDC
Pressure40 Bar max. (Opt; 100 Bar)
ServiceLiquid and Gas Steam
Temperature120 °C max.
Measuring Ability65:1
ProtectionIP67 (Opt; Ex-proof)
Wet Parts​AISI 316 SS
Unique Measurement Capability
Flat Pipe Distance Not Required for Installation
Robust Design That Is Resistant To Heavy Conditions

Bass Instruments, Accelabar® is a new and unique technology that incorporates two differential pressure flow measurement methods. Our ability to produce high differential pressure allows us to measure gas, steam, and liquids very precisely without the need for straight pipe spacing, thus providing a wider measuring range. The Accelabar is made up of a unique threnodial nozzle and the Verabar® average pitot tube combination. The statically proportioned nozzle conditions and balances the incoming flow profile so that the Verabar reaches the average pitot. As the flow rate of the Pitot tubing increases, the difference will increase in pressure. This affects both the sensitivity of the measurement positively and the increase in the measurement range. Accelabar measures at an error rate of 0.5%. The high precision of other manufacturers is only valid for a limited measuring range.

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