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Capacitive Level Transmitter KDLM60

Capacitive Level Transmitter KDLM60
Technical Specifications
Measuring Range0...0,1 m - 0...1 m
Supply9...34 VDC
Output4...20mA or 0-10 VDC
Accuracy<± %1 F.S
ConnectionG 1" or Flanged
Can be Directly Mounted on Fuel Tanks​
Feeling Adjustment Can Be Made Through Magnet Pen
No Moving Parts
Ideal for Construction Machinery, Tractor and Locomotives

Bass Intsruments, KDLM60 series, Capacitive Level Transmitter, metarin, oil and other petroleum products. Work machines are the ideal solution for locomotives with diesel engines and heavy road vehicles. It can also be used easily in generators. Standard 4-20mA output. It is available as an optional 0-10 VDC output. Can be used easily in outdoor environment with standard IP68 protection. The minimum maximum measuring ranges can be calibrated by touching the +/- symbols on the magnetic pen.

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