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Digital Instant Indicator BAB112.A

Digital Instant Indicator BAB112.A
Technical Specifications
Connection36x76 mm Panel Type
InputPulse, 4...20mA
Contact Value8A Max.
DisplayLED (Instant Flow)
OutputSingle Contact SPST
Supply230 VAC (Ops; 24 VDC)
ProtectionIP65 (Front), IP20 (Rear)
Temperature-10 ... 50 °C
Can Be Installed Easily On Many Boards With Small Sizes
6-Digit Indicator
Input Pulse Programmable

Bass Instruments, BAB112.A series, Rate Digital Flow Indicator, pulse output, or 4...20 mA outputs are instruments that you can connect the flow sensors and read instantly on the screen. You can enter the pulse amount of the sensors on the screen and also set the digit after the comma. Thanks to the adjustable contact, Contact output can be obtained at the desired values.

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