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Dual Channel Display M9.03

Dual Channel Display M9.03
Technical Specifications
Connection96x96 mm Panel Type
Input2xPulse (PNP or NPN)
Display Graphics LCD
Output2x4...20mA, Pulse, 2 Relay
ProtectionIP65 (Front Panel)
AnotherSimulation Capability
Graphical Display
Units Can Be Selected On The Display
Simulation Capability
Resettable and Non-Resettable Aggregator
Two Different Flow Sensors on the Same Screen

Bass Instruments, has a structure designed for the M9.03 series, Dual Channel Display, Pulse output flow sensors, and you can easily read the instant signals and monitor the output signals thanks to its large graphic LCD screen. Two separate Total indicators are resettable and non-resettable. Measurement can be made by connecting two different flow sensors to the same device. The flow rate of the second sensor can be subtracted from the first sensor, or the flow value of the first sensor from the second sensor can be displayed on the screen in this way. All outputs can be configured. Thanks to its special apparatus, it can be mounted directly on the flowmeters.

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