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Energy Industry

Most of the energy that we use is derived from fossil fuels.

In our country, even though fossil fuels can not be extracted as much as currently, with imported fuel and gas, cycle power plants produce electricity.

Besides this, thermal power plants which are working with coal and hydroelectric power plants which has been built on our rivers, produce electricity. Recently, accelerating geothermal energy, as well as solar and wind, have become other alternative energy sources.

Moreover, because energy is an expensive resource, monitoring and efficient use has become inevitable. Whatever the resource is, Bass Instruments can supply and commission almost any measuring instruments used in the cycle power plants.

Besides that, you can measure the consumptions of parameters such as water, wastewater, air, gas, steam which have been spent in the industry with the most ideal instruments we will choose for you.

Some of the instruments that we can offer for Energy Industry:

Orifice Plates
Venturi Flow Sensors
Flow Nozzle
Average Pitot Tubes
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Smart Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Displacer Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic and Radar Level Transmitters
Smart Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Switches

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