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Gas And Petroleum Industries

Major part of world’s energy consumption is supplied from gas and petroleum.

Instruments, used by refineries that make Gas and Petroleum available, must be able to withstand severe conditions and to measure by high precision without being affected environmental factors.

Some of the companies where our products have been used; Tupras, Botas, Aramco, Gulf Keystone. Bass Instruments Co. is always in the service of the Gas and Petroleum Industries with instruments that can be used at high pressure and temperature.

Some of the instruments that we can offer for Gas and Petroleum Industries:

Orifice Plates
Venturi Flow Sensors
Flow Nozzle
Average Pitot Tubes
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Smart Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Displacer Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic and Radar Level Transmitters
Smart Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Switches

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