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High Turbidity and ALC Transmitter TU8355

High Turbidity and ALC Transmitter TU8355
Technical Specifications
Measurement Method0/100-0/1000 FTU
Zero±4 NTU (For All Scales)
Supply9-36 VDC
Output 4-20 mA, 2 Relay
Pressure 1 Bar max.
Cable Length​10 m
Body MaterialPVC
Otm.Cleaning​Yes, Max. With 3 Bar Air
Compact Design
Direct 4-20 mA Output
High Protection (IP68)
Automatic Cleaning Feature (IP68)

Bass Instruments, TU8355 series, Automatic High Fuzzy Suspended Solids Transmitter, directly with 4-20 mA output without any need for an analyzer or indicator to meet your demands. With RS485 communication, you can connect to many devices by computer with a single cable. Automatic sensor cleaning can be done with a maximum of 3 bar feeding.

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