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Hygienic Pressure Transmitter HPS100

Hygienic Pressure Transmitter HPS100
Technical Specifications
ConnectionTri-Clamp, DIN32676, ISO2852, DIN11851
Measuring Range0...100m Bar - 0...35 Bar
DisplayOpt; LCD
Output4-20 mA, Opt; HART
Accuracy<± % 0,5 Opt; 0,2
Supply16...55 VDC
Process Temperature-45°C...205°C
Ambient Temperature20°C...80°C
DiaphragmSS316L, Hastelloy C
Complete Stainless Steel Design Against Corrosion
High Viscosity Resistance
Easy Setup
Different Signal Outputs

Mesens, HPS100 Hygienic Pressure Transmitters are suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry CIP / SIP (on-site cleaning/sterilization) processes. The intelligent compact design welded process diaphragm midpieces are made of high-quality stainless steel with a roughness ≤of 0.4 μm.

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