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Impeller Type Flow Switch F3.05

Impeller Type Flow Switch F3.05
Technical Specifications
Connection SizeDN15...DN600
Setting Range0,15 m/sec. (Constant)
Body-ConnectionC-PVC, PVDF, AISI316L
Temperature-10...+80°C Opt; 120°C
Pressure10 Bar max. Opt; 25 Bar
Contact Value​SPDT Contact
Output1A/24 VDC, 0,1A/230 VAC
DisplayLED Contact Status
Ideal for Chemical Liquids
Very Low-Pressure Loss
Immersion Type Easy Mounting
Red Green LED Status Display

Bass Instruments, F3.05 series, Impeller Flow Switches, can be applied to many different pipe diameters thanks to immersion type mounting. Thanks to CPVC, PVP body, and ECTFE song, it is suitable for almost all chemical liquids. The stainless steel body is preferred in case of high pressure or temperature. Thanks to the red and green LED indicator on the top, you can see whether there is even flow.

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