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Instant and Total Indicator FC771

Instant and Total Indicator FC771
Technical Specifications
Connection​ 72x72 mm Panel Type
InputPulse (Opt; 4...20mA, 0-10 VDC)
OutputDouble Contact, (Opt; 4...20 mA)
Supply230 VAC, 24 VDC
Communication RS485 (Opt; MODBUS)
Rate and Total Value Can be Read at the Same Sime
2x6 Digit LED Display
Input Type Selectable​
Optional Communications Module

Bass Instruments, FC771 series, instantaneous and total display, input type can be selected, indicators that you can read both instantaneous and total flow at the same time. Double contact output and optional 4...With 20 mA output, you can remotely monitor and control. Our standard sensor fault detection product has an optional MODBUS communication module. If desired, the configuration can be made via the computer.

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