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Iron Steel Industry

Iron/Steel Industry which is one of the leading mineral resources of our country works in the processing and use of iron, steel and other metals and the instruments that usually used must be resistant to the severe conditions.

Bass Inst. is always supports you while product selection and procurement of products for change of instruments in existing facilities and new instruments in the construction of new facilities.

Currently, Ereğli D.Ç, Kardemir D.Ç., Isdemir D.Ç., Nursan Metalurji, Meta Nickel etc. are some Iron, Steel and Metal based companies that work with Bass Instruments products.

Some of the instruments that we can offer for Iron/Steel Industry:

Orifice Plates
Venturi Flow Sensors
Flow Nozzle
Average Pitot Tubes
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Smart Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Displacer Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic and Radar Level Transmitters
Smart Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Switches

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