LAP JOINT Type Diaphragm Manometer PDT121

LAP JOINT Type Diaphragm Manometer PDT121
Technical Specifications
Process ConnectionLAP JOINT, (Opt; 90 ° Elbow and Damper)
Diaphragm Material​AISI316L, Hastelloy C276, Tantalum
Outer Body Material​AISI316
Display Diameter​63 mm, 100 mm , 150 mm
Measuring Range-1...5 Bar, 0...40 Bar
Temperature​-40...150°C max. Opt; 350°C
Selectable Diaphragm by Fluid Flow​
Heavy Duty Resistant​
Easy Assembling
Ideal For Multi-Stick Liquids

PDT121 series, Lap Joint Type Diaphragm Manometers, direct front diaphragm and flange connection products. This makes installation very easy. It is also ideal for slurry paper or highly adhesive liquids. Depending on the position to be assembled, it can be installed in L shape process. It is resistant to 350 ° C with cooling element.

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