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Metal Tube VA Flowmeters - FITD

Metal Tube VA Flowmeters - FITD
Technical Specification
Measuring Range-Water1 - 10 l/h... 20 - 200 m3/h
Measuring Range-Air0,03 - 0,3 Nm3/h.. 450 - 4500 Nm3/h
Connection SizeDN15...DN250, Threaded, Flanged
Wet PartsAISI304, AISI316, PTFE
Temperature-80...200°C max. (Opt. 300°C)
Pressure100 Bar max. (Opt. 250 Bar)
Accuracy<±2% F.S.
Protection IP67
ApplicationLiquids or Gases
Design For High Pressure and Temperature
Special Scale Possibility For Different Density Values
Large Scale For Easy Reading
Stainless Steel Safety Deposit Box
Clamp Connection For Hygienic Applications
PTFE İnterior Coating For Abrasive Chemicals

Bass Instruments, FITD series variable area metal tube flowmeters are heavy-duty flowmeters designed to measure liquid and gaseous fluids. The display part is not physically connected to the measuring tube. Thus, even if your fluid is not transparent, a clear reading is provided on the display. FITD with connections flange, gear, or cuffs.GK series variable area metal tube Debimeters can be connected to the installation in a very short time. PTFE inner coating and float options are available for abrasive or chemical fluids.


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