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Miniature Magnetic Flowmeter-DOMA

Technical Specifications
Measuring Range-Liquid​0,001 - 1 m3/h. ... 1 - 57 m3/h
Connection Size1/4"...2"
Internal Coating​PTFE,Ceramic,PP
Electrodes​AISI316L, Ti, Hastelloy-C, etc.
BodyAISI304, AISI316
Pressure40 Bar max.
Accuracy<±0,5% O.D.
ProtectionIP67, Opt. Ex-proof
Supply 15...24VDC
OutputPulse, Opt. 4-20 mA
ApplicationConductive Liquids
Durable and Lightweight Design​
High Sensitivity
Resistant to Chemical Fluids​
Ideal for Filling Machines
Quick Response Time

Bass Instruments, DOMA series Our Electromagnetic flowmeters are compact flowmeters specifically designed for filling or in-machine use. They are flowmeters that have no moving parts inside, do not resist flow, and do not lose pressure immediately. It can easily be used in liquids with electrical conductivity of over 20 microseconds. Due to the materials used in the interior, many chemical fluids are suitable for the market.

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