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PCCA Compact Chlorine Analyzer

PCCA Compact Chlorine Analyzer
Technicial Specifications
Measuring Range: Chlorine0-2....0-20 mg/l veya ppm
Measuring Range: pH​ 2...12 pH
Measuring Range:Temperature 0...100°C
Measurement MethodPotentiostatic
Protection IP67
Temperature 0...55°C
Supply90-240 VAC
Output2x4-20 mA and 3 Relay
Communication RS485, MODBUS RTU
DisplayLCD Color Display
Sample Flow 6-60l/sa
pH Verification5-8 pH
High Protection Class (IP67)
pH Verification
Complete Solution with Flow Cell and Indicator

Bass Instruments, PCCA series, pH Compensated Chlorine Analyzer, pH-Chlorine, temperature and flow measurements can be made at the same time. Although the electronics with the measuring part are completely isolated from each other, they have an integrated structure. With analog outputs and RS485 MODBUS Communication, all data can be monitored remotely. The integrated memory can be transferred in certain periods by storing the data with the recording system.

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