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Petrochemical Industries

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries are the sectors formed by leading companies that produce critical products.

Precision, quality and sustainability must be at the forefront in the manufacturing process. BASS has acquired many customers from Chemical and Petrochemical Industries with its fast delivery time, commissioning capability and solution oriented relationships.

We are in the service of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries with Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, High Precision Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters, Flow Computers and customized softwares.

On the right side, you can see some industrial application visuals about Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

Some of the instruments that we can offer for Chemical and Petrochemical Industries:

Orifice Plates
Venturi Flow Sensors
Flow Nozzle
Average Pitot Tubes
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Smart Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Displacer Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic and Radar Level Transmitters
Smart Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Switches

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