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Pipe Type Level Indicator NL-SL

Pipe Type Level Indicator NL-SL
Technical Specifications
Connection1/2"-1 1/2" Gear and flange
Valve ConnectionStd. 1/2" NPT(F) ops.
Valve MaterialSS304, SS316
Tube Material​Glass or PVC
Temperature100°C max.
Pressure4-7 kg/cm2 max.
Sealing MaterialViton, Teflon
Application Areas​Water, oil and other chemicals
Display Glass​Borosilicate
Ideal For Standard Applications
Stainless Steel
High Temperature Resistance
Borosilicate Indicator Glass

Bass Instruments, NLSL series Pipe Type Level Gauge, It is a product designed for use in oils and other chemical fluids. The tubular glass type is the simplest liquid level indicator for use at pressure gradients of 10 kg / cm2 or less. Center length max. It's on 2 metrics. Indicator Glass is made of heat resistant borosilicate. An optional scale can be added to the side.

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