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Piston Type Flowmeters - DFSS

Piston Type Flowmeters - DFSS
Technical Specifications
Measuring Range-Water0,25 - 1,3 l/min ... 250 - 1200 l/min
Measuring Range-Air0,35 - 1,7 Nm3/h ... 6 - 30 Nm3/h
Connection Size1/4", 1/2" Threaded
Wet  Parts AISI316
Temperature-25...100°C max. (Opt. 150°C)
Pressure80 Bar max. (Opt. 200 Bar)
Output Ops. SPDT, 5A/25VAC, 5A/250VAC, 2A/30VDC
ApplicationLiquids or Gases
High Design for High Pressure and Temperature
Horizontal or Vertical Connectable
Wide-Scale for Easy Reading​
Stainless Steel Indicator Safe
Selectable Indicator Diameter

Bass Instruments, DFSS series Piston Metal Tube Flowmeters are heavy-duty flow meters designed to measure liquid and gaseous fluids. The indicator portion is not physically linked to the measuring tube. Thus, even if your fluid is not transparent, a clear reading on the display is provided. Our product which is not affected by the mounting position can be connected to the pipes horizontally or vertically. The SPDT contact output option is available to determine the limit values. DFSS series Piston Metal Tube Flowmeters with connection threads and small dimensions can be connected to the plant in a very short time.

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