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Radar Non-Contact Flowmeter RSHU

Radar Non-Contact Flowmeter RSHU
Technical Specifications
Channel Type No Need
Measuring Range-Speed​0,2...18 m/s
Measuring Range-Level​0,2...6m/s
DisplayOLED Snapshot, Total Display
Output4...20 mA, Pulse
Accuracy<±2% .
Supply24 VDC
ProtectionIP67 Sensor, IP65 Indicator
Measurement PrincipleRadar +Ultrasonic
Contactless Flow Measurement
Contactless Flow Measurement from Above of the Water Surface Without any Flumes or Weirs
High Sensitivity
Wide Measurement Range

RSHU Series Open Channel Flowmeters are easily used in sewage treatment plants, industrial and hydroelectric power plants. We are able to easily integrate contactless radar measurement technology, which measures water velocity over water surface, with existing SCADA / Telemetry systems. Non-ideal flow conditions, waves, turbulence, etc. removes adverse effects from the center. It is able to measure all the problems (clogging, damage from particles in the water, etc.) exposed by other flowmeters which are on the water surface. Since the product manufactured using the latest design, development and production technologies is not in contact with water, the need for maintenance remains completely out of the question.

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