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Saturated Steam Flow Computer BAB284

Technical Specifications
Connection96x96 mm Panel Type
Input2x4...20mA, PT-100
Display Graphic OLED
Output4...20mA, Pulse
ProtectionIP65 (Front Panel)
CommunicationEthernet TCP-MODBUS
CalculatingSaturated, Hot Steam and Gases
Graphical OLED Display
Temperature, Pressure, Density At The Same Time
Modbus Communication Capability
Units Can Be Selected On The Display​

Bass Instruments, BAB284 series, Saturated Steam Flow Computer is a heavy-duty industrial-flow computer designed to turn volumetric massive mass flow by connecting flow sensors and temperature-pressure sensors. You can use it for saturated steam, hot steam, or other gases. You can see instantaneous, total flow rate, temperature-pressure value, and fluid density on the display.

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