Smart Pressure Transmitter APT3200

Smart Pressure Transmitter APT3200
Technical Specifications
Connection​1/2" NPT, 1/4" NPT (Opt)
Measuring Range​0-70 mBar...0-600 Bar
DisplayOpt; LCD
Accuracy<±%0,075, Opt;%0.04
DiaphragmSS316L, Hastelloy-C, Tantalum
Measuring Ability100:1
ProtectionIP67, Opt; Exproof
Static Pressure750 Bar max.
Robust design For Heavy Duty
High Pressure Protection
Long Lasting
Zero-span Setting Possible

The APT3200 series Smart Pressure Transmitter is an intelligent differential pressure transmitter designed to measure pressure steadily over many years. You can change the parameters via or via HART communication. Wetted parts are standard AISI316, making our product ideal for many fluids. Comfort can be used in outdoor environments with high environmental protection. In level measurement on the tanks, the filter can be used in pollution monitoring systems.

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