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Thermal Mass Flowmeter - FTMF

Technical Specifications
Connection1/2"...2" Thread Opt; Flanged
Measuring Range0-158...0-10.000 Nm3/h
DisplayLED (Opt; Instant and Total)
Output4...20 mA, Pulse
Temperature Range0-80°C 
Accuracy <±3 %
Supply24 VDC
Pressure16 Bar max. (Opt; 40 Bar)
Measuring Ability100:1
Electronic Connection​PG Cable Gland
Wet PartsStainless Steel, FPM
Easy Mounting With Clamp​
Unaffected By Pressure and Temperature Changes
High Measurement Capability
Mass Measurement Capability

Bass Instruments, FTMF series are thermal mass flowmeters that you can install with clamps without cutting the pipe, measuring instruments you can monitor instantaneous total or daily values on. With 4-20mA and Pulse output, you can transfer information to your automation system. 24 VDC - 230 VAC converter is standard with the product.

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