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Turbidity TFM Analyzer TU7685

Turbidity TFM Analyzer TU7685
Technical Specifications
Display LCD
Units0/4-0/40-0/400-0/4000 NTU
Output0-20/4-20 mA or 2 Relay
Response Time10 sec.
Supply110/220 VAC or 9/36 VDC
Dimensions​96X96X155 cm
Otm. CleaningManual or Automatic
Dual Filter Software
Programmable Outputs
Signal For Dirty Sensors
3 Different Password Features According To Users

Bass Instruments, TU7685 series, Turbidity, and Suspended Solid Analyzers are complete solutions with standard or automatic cleaning functions. The selectable scales are separated from their competitors by the double filter software programmable outputs.

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