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VA Float Flow Meter - PSDB

VA Float Flow Meter - PSDB
Technical Specifications
Measuring Range100 - 1000 l/h ... 16 - 120 m3/h
Connection SizeG DN25...DN100 Paste Between
Body-ConnectionAS - ABS Plastic
Temperature60°C max.
Pressure6 Bar max.
Accuracy<±4% F.S.
ApplicationWater or Similar Liquids
İdeal For Treatment Systems
Wide Range Of Measuring Points
Low Cost

Bass Instruments, PSDB series Variable Area Float Flowmeters are low-cost flowmeters designed to measure the instant flow of fluids with water or water-like characteristics. Light and durable with a complete plastic design. The PSDB series VA float Debimeters, which are bonding connections, can be connected to the installation in a very short time. Bonding does not mean that the product cannot be removed! only the body part can be removed and replaced with playing records.

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