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Wafer Vortex Flowmeter FBVP

Wafer Vortex Flowmeter FBVP
Technical Specifications
Measuring Range-Liquid​0,3...7 m/sec.
Measuring Range-Gas2...70 m/sec.
Connection SizeDN15...DN300
Wet PartsAISI304, opt. AISI316
Temperature250°C max opt. 350°C
Pressure16 bar max. (opt. 63)
Accuracy<±1% O.D. ve opt. ± 0,05% O.D.
ProtectionIP67 opt. Ex d IIC T3 Gb
Supply<24V DC opt. 230 VAC
Output<4-20 mA,Pulse
CoomunicationsRS485-MODBUS, HART
DisplayRate and Total LCD
ApplicationLiquid , Gases and Steam
Heavy Duty Robust Design
Ideal For High Temperatures
Long Lasting
Optional Temperature And Pressure Compensation
Ideal for Dirty and Particulate Liquids
Indication, Wall Mounted by Request

FBVP Series Vafer Vortex flowmeters are flowmeters that are easy to maintain and have no moving parts. Standard display, electrical outputs and optional serial communication provide easy monitoring and control. Due to the materials used in the interior, many chemical fluids are suitable for the market. It is one of the ideal flow measurement instruments that can be used in demineralized water systems, gas and steam measurements. It provides precise reading by making massive measurement with pressure and temperature compensation feature.

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