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Water And Wastewater

Water and wastewater treatment facilities have a great importance to prevent environmental pollution and not to affect water resources from human health negatively.

The fact that too little part of the water on Earth is potable water is the most important example.

You can supply any kind of measuring instruments to be used in treatment facilities from Bass Instruments.

Beside private sectors, our products also have been used in many İller Bankası (Provincial Water Facilities) and DSİ(State Water Facilities) projects.

Some of the instruments that we can offer for Water and Wastewater Industries:

Magnetic Flowmeters
Paddlewheel Flowmeters
Float Type Flowmeters
Ultrasonic and Open Channel Flow Meters
Thermal Mass Flowmeter (Blower)
Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches
Ultrasonic and Radar Level Transmitters
Hydrostatic Level Transmitters
Smart Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Switches
Ph / ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspenden Solids, Residual chlorine meters etc.

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