Wired Resistance Thermometer KRT01

Wired Resistance Thermometer KRT01
Technicial Specifications
SensorPT100 or PT1000
Accuracy<±%0,25 T.S
Insulation100M / 100 VDC
Length>10mm min.C
External Protector​DIN or AISI316
Cable BoyuOptionally
Durable and Robust Design​
High Accuracy Level​
Wide Range of Usage​
Easy assembling

Bass Instruments, KRT01 Wired Resistance Thermometer, machines, tanks, pipes, gas-liquid media and surface etc. to provide measurements of processes. Another principle of KRT01 Cable Resistance Thermometers is to measure the resistance of the platinum element. Outer Protective DIN and metal in AISI316 standard are presented to the user as DIN 40685.

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